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Lena-Winslow High School Speech Team

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Margaret Miller Speech Award

Award Winners

2003: Laura Brister- Radio

2004: Kyle Rains- HI and HDA, Joe Hardie- HDA

2005: Adam Larson- Prose

2006: Jamie Rogers- Verse

2007: Jaecea Wells- Original Oratory

2008: Jordan Liles- Dramatic Interpretation, Verse, Prose
2009: Blake Krogull- Dramatic Interpretation
2010: Paige Trebian- Oratorical Declamation
2011: Tyler Bussian- Impromptu, Humorous Duet Acting


Margaret Miller Speech Award

Each year, the coaching staff of the Le-Win Speech Team recognizes a senior student who represents the excellence of our program. The student does not necessarily have to be the most successful member of the team in terms of awards won throughout the season, but more importantly must demonstrate hard work, commitment, and a sense of teamwork that is necessary to be successful. This award is named for Margaret Miller, Lena-Winslow High School's first speech coach. Mrs. Miller was also a Le-Win faculty member whose career spanned six decades. From 2003-2007, this award was called the Senior Speech Award.